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You must have a vision..

At this time of year, far too many people, become some sort of combination of Nostradamus and Mark Carney predicting, with complete confidence and in an authoritative tone that seems designed to deter any doubters of their infallibility, what will happen to the property market this year.

For the vast majority of people, their property is a home first, an asset second, (if it’s an asset at all given how many rent today). And the reasons why people move home are principally for life stage and also for lifestyle, (not for investment which trails a distant third in the motivators). And this is why I can help you all – people whose life stage is changing and who will therefore seek to move home very shortly. Sure the economy and political situation has an impact on confidence but it doesn’t stop people leaving home, getting married, having babies, divorcing, changing job or retiring. 

'Where there is love there is life'

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