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We've got the energy..

A great piece this week from property expert Peter Knight from The Property Academy.
(The Property Academy provides Information, Insights, Ideas and Inspiration (four-i) for individuals and companies in the property industry).

One of the best EAs I know for tactical marketing is Eddie Ellis, owner of JP & Brimelow in Manchester.  

Last week, Eddie hosted one of our Mastermind Group meetings and a visit to his office resulted in the members leaving with coasters, supermarket trolley coins, umbrellas, reusable shopping bags, pens, you name it, Eddie has it all. 

JP & Brimelow have become famous for handing out umbrellas on rainy days, (make that most days as they're in Manchester), at strategic locations such as train stations - to date they've given away 18,532! This type of marketing is difficult to get an accurate ROI for but I've no doubt that it's been the reason why so many people in Chorlton and Didsbury choose Eddie and his team over the rest.

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