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The busiest time of year..

So opting for January will prove a sensible move. The wheels of work are well and truly back in motion after the Christmas break and eager buyers who struggled to secure a deal in the December wind-down are lying in wait. Town centre properties in particular tend to do well at this time because the streets are usually well lit and there’s less garden to keep tidy and continue to attract interest.


Fewer properties on the market means less competition and those who are looking tend to be serious about taking the plunge – so there are some very motivated buyers out there.

By getting in early you can beat the rush.

We'd love to talk to you and for you to start the journey with one of the team today on 0161 882 2233.

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Denial is the ultimate comfort zone.

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Warwick Road, Chorlton

Willaston Close, Chorlton Green

Rochester Avenue, Chorlton

Redwing Avenue, Chorlton

Alder Grove, Stretford

Ansdell Avenue, Chorlton

Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury

Albany Road, Chorlton

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