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Scandi style isn't all white walls and light wood: the new Nordics are embracing a vibrant modern colour palette.

To many of us, the term "Nordic colour" may seem like something of a contradiction in terms.  The Nordic home is not known for its vibrant use of colour.  Instead, the classic Scandi look, as seen in magazines and TV noire, boasts white walls, white floors, black-framed windows, tasteful black-and-white prints on the walls and a smattering of leafy houseplants.

The location of the nordic region results in striking seasonal variations - long days that stretch into the light evenings in the summer, and almost never-ending darkness and extreme cold during the autumn and winter months.  

Something has changed, however.  The Nordic palette is slowly moving away from cool whites and pale greys, and stronger, bolder hues are making an apperance.

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Beech Road, Chorlton Green

Chestnut Avenue, Chorlton

Chestnut Avenue, Chorlton

Dovecote Mews, Chorlton Green

Nicolas Road, Chorlton

York Road, Chorlton

Ryland House, Chorlton

Edge Lane, Chorlton

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