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Charms of Chorlton

Another record breaking month here in September for all the team at JP & Brimelow in Chorlton, the holiday and returning back to school period is always tricky but this only encourages us to work harder and smarter to get the results for all our vendors.

Developing rapport with all potential, current and past clients has always been a key process in my opinion for the business to grow year on year and to become the market leading estate agent here in Chorlton.

The word rapport comes from the French ‘en rapport’ which has been translated as ‘in agreement and in harmony’. One of the many exciting things about being an estate agent here in Chorlton is you get to meet such a variety of people and therefore the challenge is to connect to all different types, which is a skill that my team enjoy.

It’s also been said that 90% of customers are happy to write reviews after they’ve had an excellent service, so please let me know what you think

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or my team on 0161 882 2233 for a FREE MARKET APPRAISAL of your home or for any assistance.


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